Kimberley Peacock

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Hello and Welcome...

Next WOMENS CIRCLE Gathering...

Its time to celebrate, honour your path and reconnect with life's divine plan.

Dance, stretch, feel your way through Goddess Flow Yoga - Reflect on your journey through Intuitive Guided Meditation, clearing and balancing the Chakras - Bask in the vibration of Sound Healing through Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tuning Healing FORKS- Reiki Healing will be provided throughout this incredible evening.

Friday December 16TH @  7pm - 9pm 

$35 per person

This is me...

I am a certified esthetician, specializing in skin care treatments, certified yoga instructor  and offer a holistic healing practice.

I offer integrated sessions and use my intuitive gifts in Reiki, Akashic Records, Chakra awareness, Meditation and more, to assist you to reconnect with your heart and deepen your intuition.

I am passionate about assisting people on their journey towards wellness.

Please explore my services to nourish and connect with your mind, body and spirit.

Much Love.


Located at:

*available by appointment only

The Waterview Space

150 Dunlop St. EAST

Unit #106