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"Everything I offer is an invitation to step away from the old energies or old stories and begin to turn inward"

I graduated from Sheridan College in 1991 as a certified aesthetician and became committed to continuing my education in advanced skin care. Developing a deeper understanding on how skin ages, how hormones effect the skin, acne, sensitivity and rosacea. Over the years I realized there was more to learn about how STRESS effects the skin and ones overall wellbeing, leading me to become a certified Yoga instructor and further my studies in holistic health, healing the MIND, BODY and SPIRITUAL connection. The human body's innate ability to heal fascinates me.

Even more remarkable is the relationship between the physical body and the mental and spiritual elements. Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and spiritual connections all have a direct impact on our state of health.


- Graduated 1991 Sheridan College Aesthetic program

- Certified Yoga Instructor 2006

- Reiki master

- Akashic records consultant

- Chinese Face Mapping

- Chakra awareness

-Guided Meditation

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